If you're going to the Elvis Tribute or the Carnival of Madness tonight...or another a concert sometime in the future...I've got some tips for how to enjoy the show without making the people around you hate your GUTS.  Here are their top five concert etiquette tips.

#1.)  Shut Up. That means no loud conversations during the show, and don't sing along to every song at the top of your lungs.

#2.)  Go Easy on the PDA. It's fine in small doses.  Just don't be the people who hang on each other for three hours straight.  If you ARE that couple, at least stand in the BACK of the crowd.

#3.)  Put Your Camera-Phone Away. It's okay if you take it out to snap a picture or shoot a few minutes of video.  But some people stand there and record basically the whole time . . . and the people standing behind them HATE them for it.

#4.)  Don't Stand Up If Everyone Else Is Sitting Down. It depends on what concert you're going to:  Sometimes the crowd stands for the whole thing.  Other times they don't.  So just be considerate about it.

That means if you're the only one standing for more than about 30 seconds, sit down.  Or if everyone's standing and only YOU feel like sitting down, don't moan about how you can't see.  Also, don't bring a huge sign and hold it up all night.

#5.)  Chill Out with the Requests. If you're up front where the band can actually hear you, don't scream the name of the same song all night.  If it's a big song, they'll probably get to it.

If your seats are terrible, don't even bother yelling out requests.  The band probably can't hear you, so you're just annoying the people nearby.


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