Snakes on a plane are only slightly more terrifying than finding this on a plane.

A Twitter recently shared the horrific experience of someone sitting behind her putting feet on her armrests. The incident took place during a recent flight from Long Beach, Calif. to San Francisco.

Jessie Char is the unlucky lady who spotted the feet, after she realized she had a whole row to herself. "I would have said something but I was in literal shock,” Char told People. "I think I needed another human with me in the moment to reassure me I wasn't just seeing things."

Char says the feet belonged to a woman. "We were in the section with extra leg room," she says. "So there was no way she didn’t have enough room for her legs."

Char said she decided not to tattle on the woman to a flight attendant. "I was like let this one fly and post it on the Internet," she says. "I just hope this dissuades people from doing it in the future."

We'd say we hope she was able to unwind with a drink, but you never know what you're going to get at 30,000 feet.

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