If you have to go Christmas shopping for an annoying relative...or someone you just CAN'T STAND...Gawker.com has a list of passive-aggressive Christmas gifts for people you hate. And some are pretty funny.

Obviously, it also serves as a list of things you SHOULDN'T buy for people you DO care about. Some aren't that obvious...but a few are just plain insulting.

#1.) A Self-Help Book. If you want to be REALLY mean, make it a diet book, and pair it with a work-out video. The only problem is, it'll probably be obvious that you're just being a jerk.

#2.) Anything That Removes Hair. A nose-hair trimmer is offensive for a man OR a woman. And to go with it, Gawker suggests Crest White Strips for their teeth.

#3.) A Book You Read in Junior High School. This one's a little less obvious. It seems nice at first, but you're basically saying they're not smart enough to read anything above an eighth grade level.

If you want to make it MORE obvious, choose an abridged book with pictures.

#4.) A Subscription to a Dating Website. You have to REALLY hate someone to go here...or you just don't care if they think you're the most cold-hearted person on Earth. But websites like eHarmony DO let you buy gift cards.

#5.) A Bad Magazine Subscription. "Cat Fancy" is good...especially if they DON'T have a cat. Or if it's a single woman, go with a wedding magazine and a note that says, "I have a feeling this is your year!"

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