The website compared the cheapest prices they could find for a bunch of different products over the last two years.  And they came up with a list of things that are expected to cost LESS in 2011 than they did last year.

Not surprisingly, all of them are electronics.  Here are the top five.

#1.)  Blu-Ray Players. In 2009, the cheapest one you could get was $76, and was made by a company called Curtis Mathes.  Last year you could get a Samsung Blu-Ray player for $50, and this year the prediction is $39.

#2.)  E-Readers. In 2009, Amazon was selling Kindles for $259.  Right now, you can buy one for $140.  Or, according to experts, you can wait until later this year when the price drops to $99.

#3.)  HD TVs. In 2009, the cheapest 42-inch plasma you could get at Best Buy cost just under $500.  Last year, they had one for $370.  This year, it's expected to drop to $299.

And the same applies for bigger TVs too.  In 2009, the cheapest 55-inch HDTV cost $1,115.  In 2010, it was around $700.  And by the end of this year, you'll be able to get one for around $600.

#4.)  Laptops. In 2009, the cheapest price found for a bare-bones laptop with a decent processor was $299 for a Dell.

Last year, Hewlett Packard had one that was selling for only $220.  And this year, you should be able to get one for right around $200.

For a faster PC with a dual-core processor, it's more like $400.

#5.)  External Hard Drives for Your Computer. Two years ago, you could get a two-terabyte hard drive (which is 1,000 gigabytes) for $140.  Last year it was more like $100

--But this year, the price is expected to fall even further, to around $50.

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