Tonight is the record $500 MILLION Powerball drawing. And your odds of winning are one in 175 million. Those aren't very good. Fortunately, I've got a little advice here that might increase those odds just a little bit.

Here are five expert tips for winning tonight's Powerball.  Of course, I can't GUARANTEE that using these will make you win...but they might.

#1.)  Don't bother letting the machine pick random numbers.  Customized numbers have the same chance of winning.  And those numbers are LUCKY to you, right?

#2.)  But don't pick popular lucky numbers like seven or numbers under 31, because those could be birthdays.  More people will have those numbers and could end up splitting the jackpot with you.  You're hoping you have obscure numbers, and they hit.

#3.)  The only way to increase your real odds?  Buying more tickets.

#4.)  Don't pick the same number for the Powerball every time.

#5.)  And finally, make sure if you're in a lottery pool, you send photo proof of the tickets you bought for the group and ones you bought for yourself.  You don't need the inevitable lawsuit if that line is blurred.


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