Earlier this week, Everything Lubbock reported about the $3,000,000 that the Lubbock City Council expects to spend on furniture for Citizen's Tower.

In the story, the reporter mentions that the existing furniture that is still in good condition will be moved to the new city offices, including the "$1,000 Mayor's chair that was former Mayor Glen Robertson's."

Councilman Steve Massingale is heard saying in the KAMC story, "the mayor does not get any special chair. or the council does not get any special chairs. as a matter of fact the chairs that are in our offices now are going over to our council offices there."

The story did not make a clear representation about the referenced "Mayor's chair" and implies that taxpayer dollars were spent to pay for the expensive office furniture used by former Mayor Glen Robertson.

Glen Robertson, who has never been a man to mince words, took to social media to call-out the "inept reporter" and to clarify that the purchase was made by him personally and not acquired with city funds:

facebook: Justin Massoud
Screenshot of KAMC Article on Facebook

The comment is classic Robertson, calling out the reporter who neglected to find the facts to support the story and the suggestion that taxpayers were out "a thousand dollars" for a chair.

Well played, former Mayor Robertson. Thanks for keeping the facts clear for folks who appreciate those finer details.

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