I mentioned the other day that emergency vehicles have been making regular appearances in my neighborhood. I don't really know what's going on, but I think it's just kids being dumb and calling 911 for no reason. If you're a kid reading this now...DO NOT DO THAT! First of all, it's illegal. Secondly, it's stupid.

Anyway, a long-time friend of mine is a Lubbock Firefighter and he told me about this FREE police scanner! Read all about it on the next page.If you have a "Smart Phone"...like an iPhone or Droid...just go to the app store and search “5-0 Radio Police Scanner Lite”. It's free and it works better than I ever could have dreamed!

If you aren't a Smart Phone user, you can get the scanner on your computer by visiting this link. Again, it's TOTALLY free!

Have fun!