Carlos Silva, Jr. is a sports journalist with the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, and he gets an AP poll vote. He released his vote on Twitter this week in the spirit of transparency, and people were not happy with the placement of a few teams.

Some of it was just fans getting on and being upset that their team wasn't respected enough. Oddly enough, there was some hate from Purdue. But there was one decision that was so outrageous to CBS Sports' award-winning columnist/analyst Gary Parrish that he called it "nonsensical" in a scathing piece.

The placement that got Parrish so riled up was the odd ranking of the two-loss Northwestern team that Texas Tech dismantled on Sunday. And by dismantled, I mean beat by more than 35 points. It was a true beat-down.

Silva defended himself on Twitter, but that wasn't good enough for Parrish, who called Silva's decision "insanity." It wasn't just that Northwestern was still at no. 16 in Silva's poll; it was that Northwestern had just been beaten by Texas Tech, which Silva knows better than any other team.

"Carlos Silva works for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal! He covers Texas Tech, tweeted about its blowout of Northwestern all day Sunday, and then still, somehow, decided to rank a 3-2 Northwestern team with a 36-point loss to Texas Tech seven spots ahead of a 4-0 Texas Tech team with a 36-point win over Northwestern," said Parrish, concluding: "Good lord. Is Silva trolling fans of the school he covers? Does he hate Texas Tech's Chris Beard? What's the explanation for this crazy ballot?"

There's no explanation that can explain accurately why Northwestern stayed so high in the poll, but the good news for Carlos Silva is that somebody will do something much more dumb next week and most everyone will forget the early poll debacle from the Lubbock A-J.

For those wondering, Northwestern dropped completely out of the AP poll and only received 20 votes to be in it.

Texas Tech received 81.


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