The older sister of George Harrison wants to set the story straight. Because “so much garbage has been written about George and the Beatles,” Louise tells the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, she has decided to write a tell-all memoir about her famous brother and his iconic band. The book, which will also feature never-before-seen photos, letters and documents, is expected to hit shelves no later than 2013.

“Half of the stuff [out there] has been written by people who spent maybe an hour on a plane with the Beatles. Now I think it’s my duty to get the truth out,” says the 80-year-old. “There’s been all kinds of myths and fantasies written about them. I have some facts to go on, because I was there — from even before they were the Beatles.”

Not only was Louise there before they were the Beatles, she even played a small part in breaking the band in America, where she was living in the early-’60s. “I would relay information over to [Beatles manager] Brian Epstein,” she says. “I told him that the Beatles weren’t getting any airplay over here, that they really needed to play on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,’ which they had never heard of.”

Louise has numerous stories to share about her “kid brother” — for instance, she claims his “Quiet Beatle” nickname came about simply because he was so sick when the band first came to America that he “was told to use his voice as little as possible” — but she doesn’t want to reveal too much just yet. “You’ll have to read the book,” she says.

In the meantime, check out these exclusive Harrison photos provided by Louise and her ex-husband, Walt Kane.

Kool 98's Landon King spoke with Louise Harrison back in 2009. Hear the full interview HERE.

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