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It's election season. What, did you NOT notice?

We are being bombarded with signs, messages, and all sorts of social media vitriol about Decision 2020. I'm sure you will agree that we have never seen such a ramped-up, heightened sense of rage and hate than ever before. As a result, you'd like to think that people are as motivated to vote as we've ever been. And, as we speak, early voting is going on in Lubbock, so people have the means to have their voice heard.

That being said, along with all of the rancor online, apparently Facebook doesn't think that you're even aware that an election is happening.

You've seen the notifications, especially when you open the Facebook app on your phone, a message reminding you to vote or register to vote here in Texas. And it seems nearly constant. Every single time I've opened the app, I get the reminder.

Until today.

A friend posted this today, which is a hack to keep the election notifications away:

You do have to go into the bowels of your Facebook app to find this, but I tried it today and, as of right now, the interruptions have abated.

If anything, this now makes me think 'what else are they going to send me?' You could almost spend as much time in Settings, tweaking your Facebook experience as you do actually using the app.

Now, if only there was a setting to make your psychotic friends make sense when they post about politics.

You can fact check this.

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