Air Supply's Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock are not only singers, songwriters and musicians with multiple hits throughout their vast careers, but they're also funny, warm and engaging.

We got the opportunity to talk with the legendary pair before their show at Fairpark Coliseum during the Panhandle South Plains Fair.

Russell and Hitchcock told us that the fans and continuing to write new songs are what not only keeps them young, but touring all over the world.

Hitchcock said that "All Out of Love" and "Lost is Love" are his two personal favorites of their hit songs. Russell admitted that his new favorite is their new single "I Adore You," which they performed last night.

When asked what their biggest take away is from a lifelong musical career, they both said that it's the fans and that making music is who they are. They added that they now have four generations of Air Supply fans; fans are bringing their great grandchildren to shows.

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