Happy 71st birthday to one of my childhood heroes!  Dan Haggerty was the star of 'The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams'!

Don't remember 'Grizzly Adams'? Here's the opening of the show that explains his story:

An interesting story about Dan:

In 2008, he had to pull the plug on his wife of over 20 years.  She was on life support following a motorcycle accident, but doctors told Dan she wasn't coming back, so to speak.

Dan was a biker himself and before 'Grizzly Adams', he played one in several movies, such as 'Easy Rider', 'Angels Die Hard', 'Chrome and Hot Leather', 'Bury Me an Angel', 'Superchick' and the 1971 gay biker classic, 'The Pink Angels'!

Here's the 'Pink Angels' trailer:

I love the tag line 'Hard riders wearing a size 10 dress' (???)