No, OJ! Just no!!!!

It's bad enough that Patrick Mahomes sustained an injury that caused him to miss a game and potentially another, but now he will forever be haunted by the fallen NFL star, OJ Simpson.

Unless you were stuck under a rock, the OJ Simpson case is one that will be remembered for as long as there is a National Football League. Though he wasn't convicted of the murders for which he was accused, it's clear that this is one bad hombre.

In his latest grab for attention, Simpson posted a video of himself dressed as former Texas Tech football star and current Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Simpson even refers to himself in the video as "OJ Mahomes." Noooooooooo!!!!

Poor Mahomes. First the Madden curse, and now this. I assume that Mahomes may find it flattering, but it's also very creepy and totally gross to be associated with OJ Simpson on any level.

Watch the video to see just how loony OJ Simpson is in his "retirement."

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