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Patrick Mahomes Bobbleheads are Selling like Hot Cakes
The Bobblehead Hall of Fame is busy busting out incredible Patrick Mahomes bobbleheads in both Texas Tech gear and Kansas City Chiefs gear. Phil Sklar joined us from the Hall to tell us all about the brand new Knucklehead Mahomes bobblehead and the three foot tall bobblehead that's out now as w…
Where to Listen to the Texans @ Chiefs Playoff Game in Lubbock
If you want to listen to the home broadcast for either the Chiefs or the Texans this weekend in the Lubbock then you are in luck.
Texans fans can listen to the epic matchup between Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson on Sunday afternoon with the Texans Radio Network pregame starting at 1:35 pm and kic…
How Much Patrick Mahomes Love Is TOO Much? [Watch]
This is how much is too much.
This exact amount.
This level of... love.
For those who don't recognize the tune, here's Kenny Chesney and his song about his girlfriend liking his "tractor."
It's a good effort, but let's put that effort into other things...

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