Growing up in San Antonio was an experience that I'm grateful for, and one of the best things that I learned about Texas was how proud people are of their home-grown brands. HEB is no exception to this rule and is embraced as one of the most famous and friendly organizations to call Texas, 'Home.'

On September 28th, the Texas Tech Red Raiders begin Big 12 Conference, so The RockShow on 94.5 FMX asked some friendly faces from well-known places to help rally the Red Raiders as they head to Norman, Oklahoma on September 28th to face the Oklahoma University Sooners.

We had little expectation of any response from our new friends at HEB since they are more than kind-of-a-big-deal and are certain to have an endless array of requests for some form of promotion or another. However, the reply was almost instantaneous, and the result is so much more than we could have ever hoped to receive.

HEB Lubbock top store manager and Texas Tech alumnus Garrett Strauder sent a special message to the community of Lubbock and, specifically, the Texas Tech football team as they hit the road to start the regular conference season.

We want to thank the incredible staff and management at HEB for working to be a part of our pep-rally. If you see Garrett at any of the games, let him know how much we appreciate him being such a rock star for Lubbock and Texas Tech University.

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