January can be fraught with healthy eating good intentions that don't exactly set people up for long-term success.

I'll get back on track after the holidays.

I'll undo all the damage I did in November and December.

I'll make New Year's resolutions and really stick to them this time.

Some of that thinking can push people toward unrealistic expectations or restrictive diets that just aren't sustainable. I mean, the big game is coming up. If you want to eat nachos like United Supermarkets Corporate Dietician Brenda Garcia, you should be able to, right?

Garcia really encourages people to adopt a mindset that encourages making healthy choices but allows for a few treats, too.

"What you're eating is your foundation for everything else around you, but it shouldn't be hard, and it shouldn't be tasteless," Garcia said. "It shouldn't be too expensive. It shouldn't be too extensive to prepare."

United Supermarkets tries to make it easier to consistently make healthy choices in a few different ways:

  • Happy + Nourished blog. Here, you'll find great products, recipes and tips for eating better.
  • United Supermarkets health tags. Products throughout the store are tagged as great options for a variety of careful shoppers, such as those searching for organic, dairy free, vegan, carb aware and more.
  • Ready Meals. United Supermarkets' Ready Meals include several options labeled as Dieticians Top Picks, which means they have lower sodium and less than 25 grams of carbs per serving. They are great as a full meal or paired with other quick options, such as fresh veggies or a bagged salad kit.

To ensure you don't miss out on any great tips from Garcia and her team, scroll down to the bottom of the Happy + Nourished website and sign up for their newsletter. You'll get the latest right in your inbox!