It's the month of hearts and the color red, and nothing says Valentine's Day like a big juicy beet, right? I know, I know...but let me explain.

We talked with Brenda Duby with United Supermarkets about the nutritional significance of beets, which, more often than not, get a bad rap. They're not a consumer favorite. But beets are little red orbs of nutritional wonder.

They have more antioxidants than most vegetables and help athletes use less oxygen, which improves endurance.

Now you can boil, steam, grill or chop them up or season them and roast them in the oven, but there's also a very unique way to eat them that ties right in with the day of love.

It's Heart-beet cupcakes. You can puree them and add them to this or your own recipe. The chocolate masks the taste of the beets and it adds significant fiber and antioxidants to an otherwise not so nutritious dessert.

You can also make the frosting a beautiful Valentine's Day red by adding some of the beet juice to it when your mixing it up.

So this Valentine's Day, get those hearts 'beeting' and have fun!

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Photo credit: United Supermarkets
Photo credit:
United Supermarkets

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