The Olympics cost London about $3 BILLION to organize, and they've come up with a way to make some of it auctioning off everything that's not nailed down.

These were some of the bids as of last night.  You can check them out yourself at

--The ball from the gold-medal Men's basketball game:  The current bid is $4,749.

--One of the nets from the gold-medal basketball game:  $2,829.  The rim is at $1,583.

--The U.S. flag from the Opening Ceremony's parade of nations:  $2,214.  Or you could get Bolivia's flag for just $213.

--A sickle one of the volunteers used in the salute to agriculture in the Opening Ceremony:  $291.  A nurse's outfit from the salute to socialized medicine is $347.  One of the Mary Poppins' handbags is $727.

--The goal posts from the Men's Handball gold-medal game:  $323.  The net is sold separately.  It's at $244.

--Used equipment:  One of the javelins thrown in the Olympics is at $2,364.  A hammer from the hammer throw is $488.  Boxing gloves used by a winning fighter is $945.

--Most expensive:  A bronze medal from the 1904 St. Louis Olympics is $31,526.  A torch from the 1948 London Olympics is $22,000.

--Cheapest:  The "Algeria" sign from the parade of nations is $47.

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