Laura Wattenberg is the author of a baby name book called "The Baby Name Wizard", and instead of running the usual studies to find out which baby names are most popular, she went the other direction and found out which names are disliked.

For boys, names with an "aiden" sound dominated the list.  The top four most disliked are Jayden, Brayden, Aiden, and Kaden . . . and Hayden came in sixth.

The rest of the top 10 are Hunter coming in fifth, then Bentley seventh, then Tristan, Michael, and Jackson.

For girls, the most disliked name was the ever-controversial Nevaeh.  That's "heaven" backwards.  The rest of the list includes Madison, Mackenzie, McKenna, Addison, Gertrude, Kaitlyn, Makayla, Bertha, and Hope.

Wattenberg's study also found some trends about disliked names.  Usually the names that came out of nowhere to become popular experience a backlash.  So do masculine names that suddenly become feminine, and weird spellings.

Some people go the other direction and just hate traditional names, which is how a name like Michael made the top 10.

According to the most recent Social Security Administration data, in 2009, the most popular boys' baby names were Jacob, Ethan, and Michael . . . and for girls it was Isabella, Emma, and Olivia.

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