Are you a parent? Are you planning on being one? If you answered yes to either of those questions then watch this video. It just might save your sanity.

Then again it might not do anything because babies are notoriously fickle creatures. Scientists at the University of London studied baby reactions to different sounds, and melodies and have created what they call "The Happy Song", just to make babies happy. And they had the help of Imogen Heap so there's some musical credo in there too.

Now with Valentine's Day coming up, whether you have a baby or not could change, and many people are about to have their first because people pop babies out all the time these days. So if you end up with a VD gift you weren't expecting to expect and are now expecting, remember this video when that happy day comes. Because in the hospital babies are awesome and family is there and nurses to help. But the second you get home with them, you are on your own! And you will need something to make your baby happy on those long nights of crying and no sleep for you.

It makes me happy, but I'm a simple man. And I don't know if the song alone works or you have to show the video too. But if you're on the edge of insanity with your cute little bundle of FREAKIN' JOY!!!!! Then try this song and maybe they'll be nice to you long enough to take a 2 minute nap today.

Maybe not. Good luck.

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