A new video of the tsunami in Japan was posted on YouTube on Friday, and it already has a million views. This one shows the wave completely overwhelming the port city of Kesennuma, which was almost totally destroyed.

It starts with dozens of cars being washed away, then a whole building goes, and by the end there's almost nothing left but water.

It was shot from the roof of a building right on the shore, and at the beginning it looks like the people filming it are definitely high enough to be safe. But by the end, it looks like they could almost reach down and touch the water.

The one-story building with a green roof starts being swept away around 2:10.

The ground begins to crack open:

A home is rattled by the quake:

Buiildings sway but do not tumble:

A rooftop rescue:

Can Japan get a break? A volcano resumes eruptions:

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