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Cold drinks, live music and Hooters? What more could you want?

Personally, I'd want a lot more (a nice nap, a chicken-bacon-ranch pizza, some more money), but that's neither here nor there. This is a great opportunity for Lubbock residents to show their appreciation to veterans and first responders.

I have a bit more attachment on a personal level as my father is a first responder himself. He's seen his fair share of scary stuff out on the streets and even brushed paths with death a few more times than he would've liked. Regardless, he's still around and I'm appreciative both of what he's done and what he continues to do.

So let's celebrate with Harley-Davidson. Hey, my dad used to own a Harley a while back, so this all works out pretty well, thematically.

The event is going on from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, August 26th at Wild West Harley-Davidson at 5702 58th Street in Lubbock. As said previously, there will be free cold drinks, food trucks, Hooters girls and live music from Karla and the Side B's.

Sadly, my father isn't going to make it, but you can still send me nice little emails that I'll definitely show him later to make him feel all fuzzy inside (if he's capable of feeling fuzzy inside any more).

I kid, I kid. Love ya, dad. We appreciate your contributions <3

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