Ah, the first Saturday of April in the Hubbaplex and the weather promises to deliver a chamber of commerce forecast.  Get out and enjoy it!

Oh wait, no plans you say? If you look around even just a bit, you’ll likely find something to go out and enjoy.

“Legally Blond: The Musical” is playing at the Civic Center Theatre at 7:30 tonight.  The Cactus Theatre is offering up Flatlands Dance Theatre Spring Concert and it gets underway around 7:00 tonight. And of course the west Texas favorite ABC Pro Rodeo is going on at the City Bank Coliseum (which to me will always be the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum…as the Student Union building at Texas Tech will always be the University Center or UC to me).  Tickets for Legally Blond and the rodeo can be had at any Select-A-Seat outlet.  Call the Cactus for tickets to their event.

If some good ole Texas two-steppin’ is more your speed, find No Justice playing at Wild West at 10:00 tonight.

I personally would rather be spending time with the prettiest girl in the world, but that’s another story for another day…besides, I think you’d like her.

Bottom line, get out and enjoy the day! Whatever you do, the Greatest Hits of All Time will be playing on your radio at 98.1fm and on-line right here at 98kool.com, and leave a comment on how you plan to go out and spend your day.

Oh, I am going to go get my chili cheese burger and tater-tots! A Saturday tradition in my life since 1979!