Many kids have to take care of themselves home alone after school for myriad reasons. Hodges Community Center is putting on a class to teach these kids how to stay safe when they're home alone. This is just brilliant.

I never would have thought about all the things your kids might need to know when they're home alone. We all try to teach our kids to be safe in all kinds of situations but its nearly impossible know everything that could come up.

Saturday September 16th from 10am-Noon, Hodges Community Center, a Lubbock leader in helping our kids in so many ways, has put together a class to teach kids many situations that could arise, and how to stay safe. If your kids need to be home alone after school make them as safe as they can be.

Kids have to stay home alone after they get out of school? Make sure they know what to do when situations arise while they are home alone.
This 2 hour class is designed to teach children who are home alone after school the importance of behaving responsibly. Topics include but are not limited to: basic first aid tips, what to do when a stranger comes to the door, answering the telephone, and how to react during a variety of miscellaneous emergencies such as power outages and fires. Kids will get to bring home a booklet with information covered in the class. Pre-registration required by 9/13 by noon. For youth and teens. $15 per person. Hosted at Hodges Community Center, 4011 University, 767-3706
Register online at, in person at Hodges Community Center, or on the phone at 806-767-3706

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