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Texas House Democrats know they are going to lose. Maybe not this week. Maybe not next week. But at some point, they will have to vote on voter integrity legislation and they will lose. They know this and the media knows this. Yet, the Democrats are willing to kill other pieces of legislation that would help so many, just so they can vacation in Washington and be seen on CNN and MSNBC.

While all the focus has been on Democrats killing voter integrity legislation, there are other pieces of legislation that are less partisan that will die if Democrats decide to hold up in Washington, D.C.

One piece of legislation that Democrats seem willing to kill is a "13th check" for retired teachers across Texas. The bill, that passed the Texas Senate this week, would have the Texas Retirement System of Texas distribute a one-time payment up to $2,400 by January of 2022.

The Democrats are also holding up additional funding going towards the foster care system in Texas if they don't return and bail reform could fail as well.

So while the Texas House Democrats are being applauded by the Vice President and the people on CNN and MSNBC, for trying to stop voter integrity laws, a fight they know they will eventually lose, the Democrats are also willing to hurt retired teachers and children in the foster care system.

Not only that, but if Democrats refuse to work, they will not be able to restore funding for their staffs in the budget.

Seems pretty selfish to me.

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