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The Texas House Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C. only have a handful of days left before they are able to run out the clock on the first special session. In Texas, the Governor can call a special session when the legislature is out of regular session, and he can call as many as he wants, but they only last thirty days and for this special session, day thirty is on Friday.

Sure, a few days remain, but let's be honest, the Democrats aren't coming back until Friday or Saturday, if then. The Democrats have run out the clock on the first session that not only dealt with voter integrity legislation and bond reform. But this special session also could have seen more money go towards the foster care system in Texas and even more money towards retired teachers.

Instead of those pieces of legislation passing though, they are dead. Why? Because Democrat lawmakers in the Texas House left and went on vacation. They chose to be on CNN and MSNBC rather than help the people of Texas.

Now of course they will argue that they fled to Washington to fight a racist, voter suppression bill. But the fact is, no one is being prevented from voting in this legislation. No one is being told they can't vote and no one or group of people are facing crazy restrictions.

Texas lawmakers are simply going back to voting rules as we had them in 2019. Democrats need to get back to Texas and vote on the important issues. If they lose, they lose. Instead of hiding in Washington, it's time for the Democrats to do their job.

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