Summer is the time to party and this interactive map shows the average Blood Alcohol Content for every state and region.

BACtrack found the data with the methodology below. Texas actually is in the middle of the pack as far as consumption goes.

States with the highest average BACs are West Virginia (0.103%), Nevada (0.095%), Pennsylvania (0.088%), Connecticut (0.088%) and Nebraska (0.082%).

The lowest average BACs are Kentucky (0.039%), Delaware (0.042%), Washington D.C. (0.043%).

Here's how they came up with their data:

Data for the BACtrack Consumption Report was collected anonymously from users of the BACtrack app, which syncs with BACtrack Mobile and BACtrack Vio smartphone breathalyzers, and represents 71,618 unique BAC tests collected from June 1, 2014 through August 31, 2014. Data used in the report was collected from U.S. users with data storage activated, location services turned on, and does not represent data from all users.

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