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Lubbock's Hub City Comic Con will not go on as planned this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the ruiner of all good things.

In the last few years, Hub City Comic Con has really made a name for itself, bringing exciting guests (like my favorite, George Lowe), awesome vendors, fun tournaments, and providing a showcase for the incredible cosplayers of the West Texas area.

If you purchased tickets, don't worry, you'll be getting refunded soon, according to Hub City Comic Con's Facebook announcement: 

Attendees will receive a refund on all tickets purchased. You will not need to fill out a form to receive this refund. Please allow 4-12 weeks for refunds to be processed. Due to changes with our service providers, we can only provide ticket price refunds. Fees are nonrefundable. If you wish to keep your tickets, please message and we will automatically upgrade your tickets to the next tier in 2021 for free as a thank you!

When will fun be a thing again? In the meantime, I'll still be lurking all your awesome home cosplay on Insta. And we can relive Hub City Comic Con from the time before COVID-19 with the photo gallery below.

Hub City Comic Con Memories



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