The petition-driven website has hundreds of different causes that people want support for. Some of them I support and are worth your consideration, too. Legal cannabis is one.

I don't care if you smoke weed or not. I don't. But that's not what matters to me. I know, and hundreds of scientific studies back me up, the the medicinal use of weed is so great that to deny it to citizens in need is just cruel.

That's why I signed this petition to legalize it in Texas.

Now, I have absolutely zero faith that the government currently running Texas will give a damn about what is the right thing to do with weed because, to them, it's an addictive drug that kills kids. While none of that has ever happened, facts like that don't matter when it comes to weed; fear does.

But if you've ever watched how a child with seizure disorders can be treated with medical marijuana, or how chronic pain sufferers can live a normal life with it, or how cancer patients can feel way less horrible after chemo treatments ravage their bodies and minds, then you would be for legalization of its medical use, too. And the medical stuff like CBD oil doesn't even include the THC, which is the part that gets you high. It's not about getting high, it's about treatment of horrible diseases.

I signed this petition, and I'm asking you to sign it, too. It has nothing to do with partying or getting high for me; it's about living. As a chronic pain sufferer myself, I know how bad life can be when you go untreated. This is what I wrote to Governor Greg Abbott and the other elected officials this petition will be sent to:

The benefits of legalization are so great that they cannot be ignored any longer. Our fellow states have proven to great effect that legalization brings with it enormous positive outcomes both financially but more importantly for the patients that use it to combat medical disorders such as seizures, side effects from cancer treatments, chronic pain management and many more. Please allow science and fact to persuade your judgement on this issue, and not fear or cronyism and  lobbying.

Click here to sign the petition and share your own voice. Or don't. It's your decision. But think of the children with cancer who could use the benefits of this plant and maybe it will change your mind.

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