Some of you know that I do a podcast about cars and rock stars called Skidmarks Show. Through my podcast I was lucky enough to actually meet and talk to Burt Reynolds a couple years back.

My show is about cars and rock stars and we get to do some pretty awesome stuff and go to some great events. One of those events is the Barrett-Jackson auctions. We've gone to probably 6 of those over the past few years. Each of these auctions features some celebrities selling their famous cars. At one auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, their biggest annual event, one of the special guests was Burt Reynolds. They were auctioning off some original Smokey And The Bandit Trans Ams from the movies. So Burt Reynolds was there to make an appearance and talk about the cars he made so famous. Amazingly we got the opportunity to meet and interview Burt backstage at the auction when he arrived. I'll be sharing that interview on the podcast soon.

Sadly time had clearly taken a toll on Burt. He was quiet and quite still much of the time. His mind was still sharp as a tack and he was super funny and fast with a joke. His voice was a little weak, and he didn't move much, but he was kind and hilarious and full of stories. He was the nicest man, and very cool to talk to. He will be missed.

This is one of the 3 Bandit cars they sold that week.

Skidmarks Show

And here's me and Burt backstage. And despite the weird shadow on his face making him look almost like a mannequin, he was really there, this isn't Photoshop.

Skidmarks Show, Ethan