As some of you know my podcast Skidmarks Show has partnered with Pennzoil. What that means is that when Pennzoil has an awesome event like the very first ever Pennzoil 400 NASCAR race, I get to go. And I get to hang out in the pits too.

If you've ever been to a NASCAR race then you know how loud those race cars can be. But did you know how loud they are when you're not hundreds of feet away in the stands? That answer is very extremely ridiculously loud.

At the beginning of the race my co host Jeff Allen and I were upstairs in the corporate suite. OK that's one of the most awesome places to be in your life, ever! But since its enclosed and super high up, its also really well insulated against the sounds of the race. So we decided to venture down to pit road to see what its like up close and personal. I had no idea how close we could get down there. We got practically in Joey Logano's pit itself. So if you've never heard how loud it can be in a NASCAR pit, watch this and find out. My ears are still ringing.

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