Did you stay home today? I hope so...because going out on these ice-covered thoroughfares is not the most sound decision you could make.

Some of us, though...are considered "essential", and are used to making our appointed rounds, and neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night keeps us from delivering the mail...or the Bon Jovi records. Someone has to play the music, and report on school closings on a day like this, right? So, here we are. Risking almost certain death for entertainment.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

Even after thinking that we would be proactive and wake up early today to handle the ice, it almost proved to be too much to handle. I walked out the front door a full half-hour earlier than usual, after preparing a gallon jug of warm (not hot) water to use on the windshield. After starting the engine and turning the defroster up to "fires of hell", I began hacking away at the 1/4" of ice that had accumulated. then, I drizzled the warm water over the windshield which made the ice more manageable. After 20 minutes, and clearing enough to see out my window, I was off.

The roads began to get dicey for me at around 130th and Quaker, when the freezing rain began again. My average speed dropped to only 25 miles per hour. Better safe than sorry. As you can see above, my formerly clear windshield began to ice over quickly...and had almost become totally covered before I pulled into the Townsquare Broadcast Complex. Even with my extra precautions...I arrived at the office at my usual time prior to the show.

I usually back into my parking space, however, today...it was an added challenge due to the fact that I had failed to de-ice my side mirrors, and did not want to hit any of our other vehicles, or a pole next to my space. However, with care and patience...I succeeded.

As I slowly made my way to the door, I paused to take a couple of photos of our (very empty) parking lot, which resembled a hockey arena. the only things missing were a blue line and penalty box.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

I must say...I have driven in 14 inches of snow before, and never felt truly unsafe...until today. This sucked. And, going home won't be much better.

Admittedly, we are used to working from home due to Covid-19 restrictions...so today should be a walk in the park, as long as you don't REALLY try to take a walk in a park. It's too damn cold, anyway.

So, stay home...work in your jammies...grab a cup of hot cocoa...and enjoy this early blast of winter on the South Plains.

In the words of the immortal Sgt. Esterhaus: "Let's be careful out there..."

Wild Pictures From a Lubbock Hailstorm (May 20th, 2020)