We're all just walking talking hairless apes. Except that we're anything but hairless. So stop sitting in shame of your uncontrollable body hair, and wax that junk away.

Brand new in the Lubbock area is a nationwide movement called Waxing The City. There are parts of this blog that younger or more sensitive readers may not enjoy as much as I did, so if that's you then get lost because this involves waxing people's everywheres and that includes there down theres too.

This is a sensation sweeping the nation, or at least Facebook, and its called Waxing The City. And I for one am totally down with it. I, as a dude, shave more than just my face because I'm not a fan of hair in most of my places. And now having the option to have someone else do the dirty work is just fabulous to me! And I'm sure the ladies agree!

I checked and the service is getting booked up pretty quickly but there are some slots open in a week or two. Ha, I said slots...

Check out the no holds barred video for Waxing The City. These people get it, and I am a fan.



WARNING! Reading further may incite your more prurient sensitivities, so if you're uncomfortable with straight forward and adult conversation about intimate body hair topics, STOP READING NOW AND MOVE ON TO A DIFFERENT WEB PAGE!

But if you're a mature adult who knows that grown ups can mention our naughty bits and not go to hell, then by all means, continue.

And if that's not convincing enough that these people are on your side when it comes to the uncomfortable task of personal hair removal, then meet one of their "mascots" Madge The Vag.

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