The Eagles are turning one of their best-known singles into a Broadway musical.

According to

'Live Nation executive Irving Azoff told Deadline that while the Eagles continue to tour, they are also planning a Broadway musical titled Hotel California.


The evocative single "Hotel California" is also the title of the 1976 Eagles album. It was not revealed whether the musical would feature original music or songs from the Eagles' decades-long catalogue of hits.'

The Eagles aren't the first group to do this. The article goes on to say:
'The Eagles are among the latest rockers to try their hands at Broadway. U2's Bono and the Edge are currently represented with Spider-Man, while Grammy winner Sting is collaborating with Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning Next to Normal author Brian Yorkey on a new musical, The Last Ship, which will have a New York workshop in October.'

Honestly, the Eagles should do a 'Desperado' musical. That's more of a concept album and it would probably make for a better story, what with the cowboys and everything.

Just my opinion.

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