Oprah Winfrey recently vowed that she would get O.J. Simpson to admit that he murdered his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.  She literally guaranteed it.


She said . . . and these were her exact words . . . "I have a dream of O.J. Simpson confessing to me.  And I am going to make that happen people."

And now, the "National Enquirer" is reporting that it IS happening.  (!!!)

Supposedly, O.J. recently told one of Oprah's producers that he's willing to tell her everything.  Of course, he would be doing this from prison, because he's currently serving a nine-year sentence in Nevada for robbery and kidnapping.

A so-called "insider" says, quote, "He told the producer:  'Tell Oprah that . . . yes, I did it.  I killed Nicole [Brown], but it was in self-defense.  She pulled a knife on me and I had to defend myself.'"

(But I thought the glove didn't fit…and thus we HAD to acquit!)

Obviously, a sitdown between Oprah and O.J. in which O.J. admits to murder would be HUGE for Oprah's OWN TV channel.  But Oprah's people are denying it.

Her rep says, quote, "It's not true."

What do you think?

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