Oprah Winfrey went straight for the jugular in her interview with Lance Armstrong last night.  She started with a round of rapid-fire questions that resulted in, really, all the answers we needed.

In this little lightning round, we learned that Lance did indeed use performance-enhancing drugs to win ALL SEVEN of his Tour de France titles.

Those drugs included erythropoietin (also known as EPO) testosterone, cortisone and human growth hormone. He also used "blood doping" and blood transfusions.

And he admitted that he did not believe it would have been possible to win all those titles without doping.

You can read a transcript from the interview here, and watch a half dozen video clips on Oprah's site.

So what did YOU think of Lance's interview? I think he SAID all the right things...with the exception of the times he brought up the "everybody else was doing it" excuse.

But just using the correct words wasn't enough for me. Lance seemed very COLD and CALCULATING. Like he's really NOT all that sorry, he's just a guy who knows he HAS TO apologize.

And whether or not that's true, I think that's the way this interview is going to be perceived.  And, as everybody knows, perception can very easily become reality.

So ultimately, I don't think this interview helps him.

What do you think?

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