By now we've all heard about the guy who got a ticket for warming up his car. But everybody is wrong about this. Warming up your car isn't illegal. Leaving your keys in it is.

Thanks to the insurance companies for this piece of legislation. And I actually mean that sincerely. People would go out and start their cars and let them "warm up" on cold days. Thieves knew this and would easily slip into an unlocked and running car and drive away with it. This raises insurance rates on ALL of us, not just the idiot who left their keys in an unattended running vehicle. So if you have an auto-start you're covered because thieves can't steal a locked vehicle that is not drive-able without the keys.

So stop freaking out about warming up your car on cold days. The illegal part is leaving your keys in your car whether its running or not. If you leave your keys in it you're breaking the law. Also fuel injected cars don't need more than 30 seconds to warm up so you're just being lazy. Get in and drive it and it will get warm quicker anyway.

So someone tell dear old Nick here to stop blaming an officer who was doing the right thing, and learn the law so you can quit being a cry-baby.

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