I have a buddy that has this amazing ability to talk his way out of speeding tickets. He gets more warning than any human deserves. Me? NEVER have I been given a warning.

Now, here's the good part.  This is from a cop friend of mine. He said there are 5 things you can do when you get pulled over that will increase your odds of getting a warning or no ticket at all.  Beyond being polite and respectful, here are the things you've probably never heard or done:

1) Roll down all the windows in the car--even if it's cold.  He told me that almost all cars these days have some level of tint to the windows and if they're down it gives him an unobstructed view into the vehicle as he approaches.

2) Turn on all the interior lights even if it's not dark.  Again, helps him see better inside.  The unknown is what makes him edgy.

3) Turn the vehicle off.  The cop now knows that the car is not in gear and the driver is less likely to make a run for it.

4)  As the cop approaches, grip the steering wheel with both hands at the top so he can see you aren't armed.  Even better--keep both hands at the top of the steering wheel with your fingers spread.

5) Ask permission before you do anything.  "My registration is in the glove box...can I get it out now?"  "I'm going to reach into my wallet and get my license out for you, is that okay?"  It shows you recognize that he's in charge of the situation and you respect his authority.  Plus, he knows in advance what you're going to do.  Sudden moves or unexpected actions kick up his anxiety level.

I asked the cop if I do all these things, doesn't that make me look MORE suspicious?  He said if the cop questions any of these actions, just tell him you're doing these things to put him at ease and make him feel more comfortable. You understand that this is a dangerous situation for officers and you just want him to know that are doing what you can to lower the stress of a traffic stop.

Now get out there, get pulled over and see if any of these tips keep you from getting a ticket! (In no way do I endorse you doing anything illegal, but just let me know if any of these tips worked for you.)

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