My buddy Wes and I both host morning shows, so we usually eat 'lunch' together around 9:30am. Normally, we eat sandwiches and talk about random stupid subjects. Today was a day for hot dogs and a decent conversation!

Wes came into my control room and said, "It's dollar hot dog day at Sonic, bro! I'm going to pick up a couple, you want in on this?" To which I obviously responded, "Don't forget the tots!"

General merriment ensued as two grown men each gobbled up a chili-cheese dog and an All-American dog (includes mustard, relish and onions) along with a heaping serving of tots. We also discussed some stuff as we ate, but I can't talk about that.

Anyway, go get yourself a couple of dollar dogs at your local Sonic today! Why not get a few for that cute chick in accounting too?

(DISCLAIMER: Sonic sponsors Ron Roberts' weather on Kool FM, but this IS NOT a paid endorsement…we just love food. Obviously.)


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