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The National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock is gearing up for another family friendly event this weekend where children, and maybe even a few adults can learn about how wildlife makes an impact on the area.

This Saturday, April 30 is Quailapalooza at the National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock. The event aimed at kids five to twelve year's old will give them a hands-on chance to see how scientist study quail.

Quailapalooza on Saturday is from 1-3:00 p.m. and is presented by Texas Tech University Quail-Tech. The hands-on educational program is designed for kids and those participating will get to see live quail, learn what they eat, observe nests and quail eggs, and see quail chicks. Kids will also see how scientists capture quail and learn about the natural predator's. According to a press release from the National Ranching Heritage Center, the Northern Boblight Quail population is on the decline.

“For many ranchers, the Northern Bobwhite Quail is a treasured rangeland inhabitant. Unfortunately, bobwhite populations are declining throughout their historic range in Texas,” said Dr. Brad Dabbert, Burnett Foundation Endowed Professor of Quail Ecology.

The program is free to children of Ranching Heritage Association members and will cost $5 for non-members. To register for the event, visit Limited space is available.

If you've never been to the National Ranching Heritage Center, you are really missing out on a treasure of Lubbock. It's a 27-acre museum that hosts different events around the year for both children and adults and of course the public can take tours. The NRHC is located at 3121 4th Street.

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