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I am super proud of any small business owner who managed to open during a worldwide pandemic. Opening a small business is fraught with many obstacles anyway, from finding a good location at an affordable price, to meeting permits and licensing demands and hiring or contracting staff.

But in the time of COVID-19, these entrepreneurs have even more demands placed on them and much more risk associated with opening.

Ivey's Hair Studio (5147 69th St., Suite B), which focuses on men's cuts and styles, wasn't afraid to face the challenge. In fact, their studio is designed with safety in mind, from the entrance to the individual rooms.

Here's a really awesome video they made explaining their layout:

I know many men who've waited months to get a fresh clean cut. Knowing the measures that Ivey's has taken to keep you safe, I feel like you can finally get that clean-up you crave. And if you decided to go long, I'm all for it, but even long hair needs the occasional shape up and trim to look healthy.

Rosalinda, Arin, Sam, London or Alisa have the sharp and sanitized sheers to get you feeling fresh.

Ivey's Hair Studio was kind enough to send us photos of their beautiful, relaxing, and modern salon. The bar drinks look really enticing, and the saltwater tank is lovely. They even decorated for spooky season, which earns them all of the bonus points.

Iveys Hair Salon Now Open

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