I guess some of you saw this coming, I did not.


What's In A Name

The bank and drive-through of Plains National/Capital Bank have been smashed to smithereens. Now, let's back up, I have people swearing the name was Plains National, and others who say it was Plains Capital. I'm not sure if it changed names someone along the way, but I guess it really doesn't matter anymore.

Did You Notice?

I make frequent trips to the area and did not even notice the destruction and/or lack of structure until this past Saturday. When you see though, you cannot "unsee" it. It looks like a bomb went off. I walked among the ruins and took pictures of some of the sad reminders of this iconic 50th street storefront. Just seeing that dated blue tile reminds me of days gone by. You can also see that the "night depository" is still up (I wouldn't make a deposit if I were you). I am told by some that this building actually came down on the same day that the Fuddruckers on Slide Road was destroyed.

What's Next?

There is a sign that a car wash would be going up in that location. I can't confirm this, but I wish whatever business that locates on the land good luck. Being right next to an Office Depot can't be all bad, plus they will be right around the corner from my friends at Vitalent (formerly United Blood Services).

Plains National/Plains Capital Demolition

Gallery Credit: Nessmania