Lubbock has eleven Family Dollar Stores that could be affected by closures.

Facebook/Image by Z RAINEY from Pixabay
Facebook/Image by Z RAINEY from Pixabay

1,000 Closures

USA Today is reporting that the parent company of Family Dollar will be closing nearly 1,000 stores after underperforming in 2023. Some stores will close soon while others will close at the end of their lease term. Let's keep in mind that there are 8,200 locations in the U.S., so those closures could be anywhere.

The Parent Company

Family Dollar is owned by the people who own Dollar Tree. This makes one question if maybe the plan all along wasn't to conquer this segment of the business sector and then eliminate the competition. I'm certainly not a corporate mogul or a conspiracy theorist, but it does seem to be the way things are done these days.

You'll Still Have A Choice

My guess is you barely sniffed at the idea of the loss of a dollar store brand. You probably only investigated this article to see "why" and whether this was a sign of other things to come. The truth is that in Lubbock, Texas, there is usually another store of this type within walking distance of another.

Could Things Improve?

I'm not going to speculate as to why, but many of these types of stores are understaffed, and many are overstocked with some having pallets of merchandise on the floor. Maybe if these remaining stores show a little more profitability, they could work on improving the shopping experience. Just kidding, that never happens, when there's less competition, things usually tend to get worse.

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