It can be hard to find a good parking spot near Texas Tech. Sometimes you've gotta walk a mile to get to your destination. Other times, you just jump a curb and park on the sidewalk.

I mean...

I don't.

But, hey...

Do you, Lubbock.

A Facebook video posted by North Lubbock pointed out a questionable parking job near Tech that I thought you might enjoy. Take a look at the video below and then stick around for some of my favorite reactions from locals in the comment section.

"I didn’t think anybody was watching me….. mind your own business."

"Maybe she's from Europe. It was normal for us in"

"People wonder why insurance rates are so high!"

"Them Honda drivers..."

"Well she didn't hold up traffic, so no problem here."

"Nah. That's a Texas thing. Screw this, my truck'll hop that."

"And she also killed the bushes. Lol."

"She should go to Detroit, Philadelphia, or New York city. They park in all kinds of places and drive like they are the only ones who deserve to drive the roads."

"Weirdness runs thru lubbock."

"This would be no f's given"

"People do the weirdest things I don’t know"
Alright, enough of that. Be careful when you park somewhere stupid in Lubbock. You never know who is taking a video, or who is desperate enough for something to write about that they'll cover said video in an article...cuz at this point, I am not about anything.
Carry on...

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