In a heart-stopping moment captured on video, a car crashed into a restaurant narrowly avoiding what could have been a catastrophic event.

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The shocking footage, shared by The Swish Swish Hot Pot restaurant on Facebook, shows the vehicle slamming into the building, ramming into at least two occupied booths.

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The restaurant's management expressed their relief on social media, stating, "We experienced a shocking incident: a car crashed into our restaurant. It was sudden and startling, but by some miracle, everyone was safe. We're incredibly relieved and grateful that there were no serious injuries."

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In the sixteen-second clip, the severity of the impact is evident, leaving viewers astonished at the potential danger faced by the diners. The restaurant emphasized the fortunate outcome, noting, "The girl right next to the car only had scratches on her legs. I think this is a miracle. And I think, as I said, a little bit to the left or a little, a little bit to the right, it would be a very different outcome."


This may be one of the most bizarre accidents, however, it's not the only one. There have been quite a few puzzling accidents in Texas. 

Cars belong on the road, but sometimes they end up in mind-boggling places like in a tree or on a roof. Check out a few of the most bizarre below.


A strange scene left witnesses confused after passing by a bizarre car accident in the middle of a mall parking lot in El Paso, Texas. This wreck was anything but ordinary. A blue Honda van had somehow landed on top of a Nissan Rogue and Hyundai Accent.

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