The one thing we can say about Amarillo is that we have a lot of restaurants. You will never find us complaining about that. The more the merrier. We love having our many choices of where to go to eat. That does sometimes make it harder to make that choice. We will take that tough decision though.

When you have so many good places they do sometimes find themselves in the spotlight. People and shows come to town to let others know about them. Yes, Amarillo we know how lucky we are to have these places but the rest of the country needs to know how lucky we are.

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We found out earlier this week that America's Best Restaurants came to town to film an episode. They stopped by Nine Line BBQ and tried their meatloaf. What I didn't know is that they didn't only stop there.

They made another stop in Amarillo.

credit: Spicy Mike's
credit: Spicy Mike's

Amarillo has some great BBQ and we want everyone to know. So does America's Best Restaurant. We are looking forward to the upcoming episode that will be featured on their YouTube channel.

They were in town on Monday visiting both Nine Line BBQ - 5920 Hillside Rd and Spicy Mike's Bar-B-Q Haven -6723 S Western. Now we just have to wait for the show to air. I know we will be checking their page frequently.

It will take about four to six weeks to get the episode ready. So at least we have a timeline to go off of. Until then just sit back and enjoy some great places that Amarillo has to offer. Get out and enjoy it until the rest of the country knows.

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