One thing that will always be true about Texans is that they are passionate about their country and their state.

Few things are more Texan than repping the Texas flag, but I found one video that truly challenges that. Every detail, from the big to small, all scream ‘Texas’.

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When you think of Texas there are a few things that come to mind. You might think of cowboys, cattle, horses, and more. Well, it may or may not be hard to believe that this video has all of those things and then some.

What is the video?

The clip shows two men strolling along the road next to what looks like fairgrounds. One man is riding a horse, and the other is riding a longhorn steer. Both of them are clad in their cowboy hats and boots. One man is holding a Texas flag, the other with a US flag. The man on the steer is accompanied by a cattle dog standing on the longhorn like a true pro.

'It's a Texas thing'

I love how casual the whole experience is. As a Texan it isn’t shocking by any means, but for a non-Texas, especially for a non-southerner, this would be a very unique thing to see.

Overall, I think that the whole video really does scream Texas and I love it. Who wouldn’t want to ride a longhorn with their dog while repping something they are proud of? Giddy up and keep on riding!

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