It is well-known that Lubbock doesn't have the best drivers. However, there are many cities that have their own driving problems that often make Lubbock look innocent.

The one thing I can confirm that Lubbock drivers seem to be the worst at is parking. I don’t know why that is, maybe it’s a lack of parallel parking or sheer obliviousness, but there are some horrendous parking jobs I see on a daily basis.

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It can be parking over the line, taking up multiple spaces, not pulling all the way into a spot, or even completely making up their own parking space.

No matter what, there is always someone that does one of those, making it so much more troublesome to park for others around them. Sure, if the parking lot is empty it isn’t a big deal, but if you know it’s a busy lot, just take a few extra seconds to park right.

I know some of you don’t believe me when I say how bad it is, so I did some searching and found 25 examples of bad parking jobs caught on Google Street View.

Of course, I’m not here to publicly shame anyone, so there are no people or plates shared in these photos, they are just examples to show how bad Lubbock parking can be. Plus, I managed to find all of these cars in less than 30 minutes of searching on street view.

Without further ado: These are some of the worst parking jobs in Lubbock, Texas caught on Google Street View.

Terrible Lubbock Parking Jobs Caught on Google Street View

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