How Dangerous is it to Drive in Texas?
When you take into account things like road rage, speed limits, road quality, and weather, how safe is it to drive in Texas?
To start off this breakdown, the website Your Mechanic looked at the skill of drivers in each state, assigning values to things like the number of drunk drivers, drunk driving …
All New Drivers In Texas Have To Learn About Distracted Driving
If you are 18-24 or over 24 and have never had a license in Texas you now get to take yet another course.
The Texas DPS is now requiring all new licensees to take a two-hour online course in distracted driving.  Distracted driving has become a huge problem in the last few years thanks to cell ph…
Summer Time Means Road Trips
Summer time definitely means road trips...whether it be with your family or friends it'll still be a great time and and awesome journey to take!

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