Lights! Camera! Lubbock!

Yes, Hollywood has been to Lubbock a time or two. Have they made Oscar winning classics? Well, not all of them are, but here's a list of the top movies shot in or around Lubbock...maybe you've seen a couple...


1. Lubbock Lights (2003) - There's not a more Lubbock movie around.  This documentary explores the music and cultural scene in Lubbock. Terry Allen, Joe Ely, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and David Byrne all appear in the film.


2. On the Road (2012) - Jack Kerouac's classic novel was brought to life in this film starring Garrett Hedland and Kristen Stewart. Lubbock was one of the 36 locations used for the movie.


3. Friday Night Lights (2004) - The film about Odessa-Permian football starring Billy Bob Thornton, Derek Luke and Garrett Hedland (there he is again)  filmed in Odessa and Abilene (for obvious reasons).


4. Mackintosh and TJ (1975) - Roy Rodgers is back! And, this time he's in a truck! Sorry horse fans - there's no Trigger to be found.  Roy stars as Mackintosh who befriends a homeless boy, T.J.   They both end up working on a ranch and Mackintosh is framed for murder! I haven't seen this film but in the trailer usual good guy James Hampton (Michael J. Fox's Dad in "Teen Wolf") plays one of the bad guys.  This Texas film shot in Lubbock, Dickens and Guthrie and  was Roy Rogers last movie.


5. Paper Heart (2012) - Comedian Charlyne Yi's documentary about finding love not only filmed exterior shots in Lubbock but also filmed on the Texas Tech campus. The documentary morphs in a romantic comedy when she falls for actor Michael Cera (Barbie's Alan).


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